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Stampin Up! Convention 08.

This year is a birthday year convention. Stampin up! is 20 years old this year. Hard for me to believe. Almost 20 years ago I was only worring about my Sr. year in highschool. I started dating my Hubby in the summer of “88″ so we have been together that long. where does time go?

Well I am going to convention and getting VERY excited. I have adopted 4 Demos not going to convention. ( hello ladies) I am going with Tina my wonderfull downline. I think if she had not signed again I would not have gone. But hubby said okay since I had some one to go with. There are also a total of 13 of us going from up upline. We are going to have a GREAT time.

If you do not know I am a swap junkie. I love to swap!!!!! my plans are 1000. yes you read it right I did not add to many zeros. I will not refuse a swap .

I have Joe working on a countdown clock for me so stay tuned. I am off here to go do some stampin while I have 30 minutes. The kids are quietly watching TV.


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