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I am back!!!!!!

Well I am back. Still tired. I do not know how long it will take me to get caught up on sleep. Hopefully not to long.
All I can say about Convention it WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!
Here is a picture of the Mountains we say when we got off the plan on Tuesday.
I am going to try to add a little part of my trip over the next couple days.
As you can see the Mountains are very beautiful. I can not wait until I can go back again.
That first night Tina, Kathy and I went to eat. A almost 5 hour flight was long and the crackers and water were not enough for any of us. So after unpacking then walking around because we were trying to go to the Olive Garden. We got to the door like 5 minutes after they had closed. Bummer. We walked back towards the hotel and found a place to eat. After eating we went back to our rooms and I finished some swaps that I could not on the plane. Went to sleep like 1:00 ish and that was killing me. But I also felt like to could stay up all night I was very excited about the next day .
I will leave it there for now
View from the Airport
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