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Food for the June 21st shoebox swap!

We are asking everyone to respond to this post to help us keep track of whom is bringing what.

Arrival at 9 a.m. – we’ll start the swap at 9:30 a.m.

Lunch at 12:30 p.m.

Dinner at 5 p.m.

The following items are needed. Each swap participant will sign up for the item(s) on 1 line.

1 bag chips/1 bag pretzels – Shannon Winter (plus dip!)

1= 2-ltr. bottles sprite – Shawn Beal

2=2-ltr. bottles diet cola Karen

2= 2-ltr. bottles cola– Tina  (Pepsi/Coke)

1 gal. sweet tea (Chic-fil-a if possible) – Ginny

case bottled water = Joszette

large bottle Italian dressing – Sherahl Weadon

2 doz. cookies – Ginny

2 doz. cookie – Amy

Brownies – Christin

cake – Kristi

cake – Kim

Chex Mix – Tina

potato salad (lg. tub) - Susan

pasta salad (lg. tub)- Shawn

bag of rolls( for lunch) Karen

bag of rolls( for lunch)- Karen

Costco sized bag of salad – Sherahl Weadon

1= Cucumbers and box of croutons - MaryAnn

large box cherry tomatoes - MaryAnn

bag of grated cheddar cheese  – Amy

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5 Responses to “Food for the June 21st shoebox swap!”

  1. Ginny

    Shannon Winter is bringing 2 bags of chips (and will bring dip as well)

  2. 1 large bag of salad mix from Costco and large bottle of Italian Dressing – Sherahl Weadon

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