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Convention and where do I start????????????

All I can start by saying is WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am beat!!!!!!!!!!!. I think you really need to rest for a week before you come to a convention.

Well Tina and I stood for almost 3 hours to get mementos . Worth every minute with all the great swaps I was able to do as people came by and also I was in front of Amysings from Splitcoaststampers. I was in awe just because I was meeting cyber people that have chatted with in treads or swapped with in one way or another. Her group let Tina and I go get our bags ( the ones with the BOOK) and saved our spot. I Thanks Amy and her group if they are reading this!!!! ( ((HUGS to you)))

The Catty!!!!    OMG LOVE IT!!!!!!!! So if you are reading another blog that many not like it. Wait until you see it for your self before you judge it…………

We have 6 new HALLOWEEN sets. 2 of them are wheels. Skulls with hearty eyes are cute. Ginny , There is a Tasty sweet set you will like I think it has a candy corn in it and a Yum yum yum word stamp and others .  Oh and Halloween paper!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH YEAH doing the happy dance…………

Autumn Harvest made it to the cally from the mini. Yeah!!! There is a new set that has a pilgrim, Turkey, mayflowers boat and horn of plenty. ( you know I can not think of the other name for that right now. Could that be because I am really tired????? YES!!!!!!!

Holiday sets. Snow Burst made it from mini and so did Season of joy and HolyTriptych. GINNY GUESS WHAT ELSE MADE IT??????????????????????????   Merry and bright!!!!!!!!!!!!!  LOL There are a few cute sets for the holidays, but I am glad I feel like I have a Head start with the ones from the mini I have.

Sock Monkey Has accessories. Bunny ears Santa hat, easter basket, Ice cream cone, pumpkin present.

A girlfriend set Humor High Heels  Here some of the sayings-” Given a girl the correct footwear and she can conquer the world!” – “I did not forget your birthday I am just Fashionable late” A dress Shoe purse

Cheers  to you. I was on the plane I met a gal that told me this set was big over seas and she hoped that it made it to the catty. I now see why!!!!!!!!!

Cupcakes are big.

A new rose set to go with the new Bella rose set.  2 step set and I love it.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay here is a shocker for you, There is a set called Nature silhouettes. It is a tree and wild grass bellow it . I SOOOOOOOO see it with a brayers background of a sun set!!!!!!!!! It also has a wolf and buck on it.

Under the starts that has a cartoon Bear, Racoon, sleeping bag, star, and smores stamps. Today we saw the cutest card what made the bears arms move and  I heard a secret. Thsi set is going to be on a special soon. But I do not know any other details other then that. Well, I was talking to Tina so I may have missed it but I did not hear any other details about it.

I am skipping to the back of the book now because there are no new wedding sets for Ginny. But there are some other great sets I will fill you in more at a later blog. Punches,

Curly lable punch Box. 4 stamps. It is the one on the Stampin Up site showing the faux metal technique.

A scallop SQ Large circle ( 1 1/3 ) a wide oval.

No more ribbons on the cards. You now have just rolls.7/8 poly twill ribbon so saffron.——Riding hood red Taffeta—–Kiwi kiss/ very vanilla satin ribbon———– all new in colors have a ribbon with the center stripped————- 1 ‘ double striped ribbon Rose red, Baja breeze, bashgul blue, cho chip———1 1/4 pink pirouette———- 1/4 ribbon rose red , sage, old olive,Cholate chip ( I am doing the happy dance)

Hodge poge hardware. Silve ( not all the same as in the mini) bUT IT NOW COMES IN WHILE ALSO. ohhhhh

Deisnger brads Flower, cricke, filigree, flower. THey are VERY cute but I think a little pricey ( proubly the onlty negative thing) But I will buy it!!!!!!

Paper galore! want it all!

Well it is late I have been typing for a while I need to get off here and get to bed!


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  1. Ginny

    I’m soooooo excited!!! Merry & Bright :) :) :) :) :)

    I’m bad … I placed an order (or should I say pre-order) :)

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