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And I am Off TO Convention!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well I have been waiting fo rthis day for Months. I really thought it would never get here. I have been watching the ticker in this site to make sure time did not stop . that would be my worst nightmare if I missed My flight and missed Convention.

I did not get my 1000 swaps finished but I did a lot. I lost count I believe last count was 600. Not bad for my first convention.

I have a list of people to see and people to call so If I do not get to them all make sure you are checking in to see what is going on at Convention.


I will be posting my swaps when I get back. I had planned to before I left But live in my house is never dull and with 5 kids I am lucky if I can go pee by my self some days. I know I should not let it trouble me ( I can hear my friend Maryann telling me ) but it is my personallty can not help it.


So I will catch you all soon.


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  1. Ginny

    I can’t wait to hear about it all!!!!

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